The Reason For Living Is Giving

We would like for you to be part of the community of purpose-driven business professionals who want to make an impact and see that impact come to life, right here in our community.

Help Kids In Need
Network At A Fun Event
$0 Operating Budget

The Story

Ten years ago, a small group of entrepreneurs created an annual event in Canada where they brought together a group of like-minded, big hearted, businessmen for a day of snowmobiling, fun, and giving back to a cause bigger than themselves.

After a day of adventure and networking, there is a live auction where 100% of the proceeds go to helping youth in our community in need of a helping hand.

For example, imagine this true story. A mother who was helped through the cause got up on stage at a past annual event. Her son was born the size of a doll, and she was told he’d have developmental issues for the rest of his life and be in a wheelchair. She received thousands of dollars through this low-key charity event to help with the medical costs and basic living needs during this difficult time.

Tears filled her eyes as she looked at all of the men in the room and said, “You have been my son and I’s guardian angels. I have each one of you in my thoughts and prayers every day because you have given to us more than you can ever imagine. Thank you.”

The Experience

We knew that it was time to bring something like what was experienced in Canada to the Valley…for the very first time.

You know how valuable and important relationships are in business and more importantly, how valuable it is to have people in your network with a good character that you can trust.

We want to create a day where you can connect with some of most successful business people in the valley outside of the offce for a wonderful cause in giving back. Think small town feel with a side of adventure.

The Reason

There are many big charities out there, but unfortunately (with many of them), the dollars don’t go directly to the cause. With Valley Guardians, 100% of what is raised goes directly to the children and youth in the local community. We also prefer to keep things under the radar, and are not looking for press or accolades, so please keep this close to your heart.